The Society convenes every 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30pm.

Meeting Agenda: 

5:30pm    Review of current business

6:00pm    Potluck dinner

7:00pm    Featured presentation begins

Wessaweskeag Historical Society

The Wessaweskeag Historical Society was founded three decades ago and is a nonprofit, charitable organization anchored in South Thomaston. It maintains an archives and museum contiguous to the town’s public library, hosts monthly potluck suppers and heritage programming available to the public. The Society also hosts the annual Heritage Day, sponsors local historic preservation and cooperates with kindred community organizations. Higher education for local youth is supported through the Society’s scholarship program

Thursday November 8: The Beacon at Owls Head presentation by Phelps Bristol

Owl Heads Light.JPG

Have YOU Seen the Light?      A Decade's Reflection on Three Centuries of Service”

Phelps Bristol - a ten year veteran volunteer. Phelps spent his first three years of school in a one room Ash Point School house while he and his family were caretakers for his Great Aunt. After a formal college education in the Ivy League, he spent time in the Navy followed by two 18 year careers as a college administrator and a real estate appraiser.His return to the Mid-Coast opened up opportunities to volunteer and both he and his wife were nominated as state “Volunteers of the Year” by the Rockland Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Bristol will present a program about the Owls Head Light - a local icon since the 19th century.