The Society convenes every 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30pm.

Meeting Agenda: 

5:30pm    Review of current business

6:00pm    Potluck dinner

7:00pm    Featured presentation begins

Wessaweskeag Historical Society

The Wessaweskeag Historical Society was founded three decades ago and is a nonprofit, charitable organization anchored in South Thomaston. It maintains an archives and museum contiguous to the town’s public library, hosts monthly potluck suppers and heritage programming available to the public. The Society also hosts the annual Heritage Day, sponsors local historic preservation and cooperates with kindred community organizations. Higher education for local youth is supported through the Society’s scholarship program

Thursday May10, 2018:  Outward Bound on Hurricane Island.


Susan St John

Susan began her career as a sea instructor with Outward Bound, teaching teens, women over 30, families, executives, and Vietnam veterans - both men and women. Her work with families was her most interesting as they turned out to include people from all groups. Susan and her late husband, Bob Rheault, worked together at Hurricane Island and raised their children in a home she designed and built over 40 years ago. “I wake up every morning and, if it isn’t foggy, look ten miles across Penobscot Bay to Hurricane Island. It is a touchstone.”

As part of this wondrous and hard-working waterfront community of which we are all members, Susan will speak and present a slide presentation and then answer questions about this experiential education, her experiences at Outward Bound, and the creation of her book TO SAIL BEYOND THE SUNSET.