The Society convenes every 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30pm.

Meeting Agenda: 

5:30pm    Review of current business

6:00pm    Potluck dinner

7:00pm    Featured presentation begins

Wessaweskeag Historical Society

The Wessaweskeag Historical Society was founded three decades ago and is a nonprofit, charitable organization anchored in South Thomaston. It maintains an archives and museum contiguous to the town’s public library, hosts monthly potluck suppers and heritage programming available to the public. The Society also hosts the annual Heritage Day, sponsors local historic preservation and cooperates with kindred community organizations. Higher education for local youth is supported through the Society’s scholarship program

Thursday July 12, 2018:                The Story of Captain Anders Anderson

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John Anderson

John Anderson, our featured speaker,  is a native of Rockland and the grandson of Captain Anders Anderson. He has transcribed and published the captain's thirty-plus years of journals from the era of his sailing days and recently completed a biography of Capt. Anderson:” Borne on the Wind: The Life and Journals of Captain Anders Anderson”. John will present a wonderful program that relates many interesting details about the life of Captain Anderson - a Swedish-American immigrant whose sailing life spanned nearly a half a century.
Captain  Anderson left his family’s farm in Sweden as a five foot tall 16 year old and spent the next 6 years as a seaman. He first settled in Stonington as a quarry worker and then returned to the sea to become a Schooner captain - first in Camden and then in Rockland. He sailed primarily three-masted schooners from Maine to destinations all along the Atlantic coast and endured shipwrecks and storms - even surviving February conditions for two days and nights in an open dory after delivering the great statue of General John Logan, which stands in the center of Logan Circle in Washington, D.C. Captain Anderson is representative of the many iconic Maine captains who led the schooners over the horizon of history in the last days of the Age of Sail.