The Society convenes every 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30pm.

Meeting Agenda: 

5:30pm    Review of current business

6:00pm    Potluck dinner

7:00pm    Featured presentation begins

Wessaweskeag Historical Society

The Wessaweskeag Historical Society was founded three decades ago and is a nonprofit, charitable organization anchored in South Thomaston. It maintains an archives and museum contiguous to the town’s public library, hosts monthly potluck suppers and heritage programming available to the public. The Society also hosts the annual Heritage Day, sponsors local historic preservation and cooperates with kindred community organizations. Higher education for local youth is supported through the Society’s scholarship program

Thursday October 11: “You can’t believe anything you see in a photograph anymore”, Mike Dumont

VW and TreeFinal Print.jpg

Mike, a South Thomaston long time resident, photographer, and owner of the former Keag River Gallery will focus on the historical perspective of truth in photography and how changes in technology have affected the honesty of our images.

In his presentation, Mike will demonstrate how early limitations in technology distorted the reality of the artist’s vision and how we are now able to produce much more honest presentations of what we see. At the other end of the spectrum, he will show how we can create our own fantasies using the camera and software.